Bürgerbeteiligung im öffentlichen Raum
Article in German by Anita Kusch/Rolf Stehle, Goethe-Institut Malaysia, 2016
Published on the Goethe Institut Intranet

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Article in Art Info magazine by 伟伦, Japan, 2016



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Art KL-itiuque, 26 November 2015

PRESS RELEASE, 10 November 2015

TransActions in the Field
– challenging the role of citizen participation through participatory public art

Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space together with the Goethe-Institut Malaysia are pleased to announce the 1st Inter-Asia master class TransActions in the Field – challenging the role of citizen participation through participatory public art will take place from 14 to 26 November 2015 in Malaysia. This 12-day residential programme will serve as a place of co-creation and co-intelligence for experienced and newcomer creative practitioners in the interface between art and society to develop and share skills and experiences. The master class will provide the participants with theory and discourse, it questions on how we sustain our creative ideas and bring them into reality. It also offers space for interventions, performances and real-life actions. The class will be delivered with methods of Art of Hosting, it is about exploring the future of CHANGE-MAKING.

The master class is hosted by Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space, taking place at Petaling Street and Kampung Banda Dalam, it is developed in collaboration and conversation with German artist Susanne Bosch, Malaysian art practitioner Yeoh Lian Heng, the Goethe-Institut Malaysia, researcher Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio from Spain and many others. TransActions in the Field will host 25 participants from various Asian countries and Germany. The emphasis of the master class is on co-operation and innovation. For this 1st master class, practitioners were directly invited.

Artists, Activists and Community Project Workers participating in the master class:
1. Lawai Ului Jok, Aborigine and cultural worker from Sarawak
2. Lee Cheah Ni, Independent curator from Penang
3. Alex Lee, Architect and artist from Ipoh
4. Lee Paik Yin, Photographer and performance artist from KL
5. Okui Lala, Artist and Community Worker from Penang
6. Tey Beng Tze, Founding member and artists from FINDARS Collective, KL
7. Zikri Rahman, Founding member of Buku Jalanan, KL
8. Alecia Neo, Artist from Singapore
9. Bhumin Dhanaketpisarn, Founding member and artist from Makhampom, Thailand
10. Haymann Oo, Researcher and curator from New Zero Art Space, Myanmar
11. Djuwadi, Founding member and artist from Taring Padi, Indonesia
12. Renan Laru-an, Artist and researcher from Discussion Lab, Philippines
13. Chen Guan-Jhang, Aborigine Culture researcher and artist from Taiwan
14. Alice Ko Nien-Pu, Independent curator and researcher from Taiwan
15. Elaine Ho Wing-Ah, Art Practitioner from Hong Kong and USA
16. Lee Chun Fung, Artist and activist from Hong Kong
17. Misako Ichimuram, Homeless Community Artist from Japan
18. Rika Aki, Seto Island Community Worker from Japan
19. Zulu Kageyama, Art Lab Ova Community Space Founder, Japan
20. Caique Tizzi, co-founder of AGORA, Brazilian artist based in Berlin, Germany
21. Jakob Bartnik, founder of Bartnik-Project-Room, Germany
22. Manila Bartnik, founder of Bartnik-Project-Room, Germany

Guest Speakers and Moderators:
1. Jay Koh, Community Project Artist and Writer from Singapore
2. Jennifer Teo, Community and Preservation Project Artist from Singapore
3. Chen Yoke Pin, Arts-Ed coordinator from Penang
4. Hishammudin Rais, Activist from KL
5. Tan Hui Koon, Curator in Education Department, National Visual Art Gallery

We would like to cordially invite all press media to attend to our
Date                11 November 2015 (Wednesday)
Time               3pm
Venue            Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space
8C, Jalan Panggong, 50000 KL

Mr. Yeoh Lian Heng from Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space as well as the local host and facilitator together with Susanne Bosch, artist and facilitator from Germany, Mr. Rolf Stehle from the Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Cikgu Ishak Surin President from Kampung Banda Dalam and En. Dinsman President of Seniman Paksi Rakyat. will be attending to the conference.

Main Organizer
Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space

In Corporation
Goethe – Institut Malaysia

Supported by
Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Krishen Jit – ASTRO Fund
Majlis Perpaduan Dan Pembangunan
Kampung Banda Dalam
Madrasah Tarbiyah
Seniman Paksi Rakyat

For more information about participants, funders, and the programme, please log on to or

For general enquiry, media enquiry and arrangement of interviews, please contact Krystie at 0122044338 or Thank you.