The Team

Yeoh Lian Heng was born in 1978. In 2004 he founded the art space and collective Lostgen’s comtemporary art space with artist peers, pursuing eclectic expression in the exploration of art’s role in society. In his projects Yeoh utilizes art towards increasing awareness and understanding of various social issues such as the loss of cultural heritage through the Pudu and Petaling Street community art projects. Yeoh has also represented Lostgens at Busan Biennale in 2012 and at the Jakarta Biennale in 2013.

Artist, facilitator, host, local expert, input

Yeoh's photo

Susanne Bosch is an artist, art based researcher and teaches. She achieved a PhD about participatory public artwork in 2012. From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public master programme at the University of Ulster in Belfast together with Dan Shipsides. She works predominantly in public and on long-term questions, which tackle creative arguments around the ideas of democracy. Works include among other things issues around money, migration, surviving, work, societal visions and participation models. Since 2012 she explores exclusively sustainable living and working models.

She formally uses site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, drawing, audio, dialogic work, in addition formats such as writing, speaking, listening, workshops, seminars and Open Space conferences. She is a trained Open Space facilitator (2008) and trained in conflict analysis and – management (2004). Susanne works internationally on exhibitions and projects. She is living in Germany and worked 2014 for 3 months in Lostgens, Kuala Lumpur. She is currently being part of the lead researcher team on a 4 year EU project looking at ways of enhancing transnational mobility for collaborative artists and is part of the Think Tank Team of the Monday Foundation, Art and Society in Germany.

Artist, facilitator, input

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio holds an International PhD in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” from the University of Barcelona. He is a faculty member at Transart Institute (NY-Berlin) and has worked as a Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher at United Nations University – Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM). His current lines of investigation involve the subjects of intercultural processes, globalization and mobility in contemporary art and cultural policies, the interactions between artistic, educational, media and cultural practices in the Mediterranean, the cultural cooperation between Asia and Europe and the impact of new technologies on art, communication and contemporary society. He has participated in several international conferences and developed projects and research residencies in Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East. As an art critic, editor and independent curator he writes extensively for several international magazines. He is Editorial contributor at Culture360 – Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Managing Editor at ELSE – Transart Institute, and co-founder of the Platform for Contemporary Art and Thought, InterArtive.

Critical friend, external observer, input


Krystie Ng is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner actively involved as an artist, curator and project manager. Graduated 2012 from Dasein Academy of Art, she held her first solo exhibition Unfold in 2012, and exhibited in Boundless Contemporary in 2012, Knot and Phenomena in 2014, as well as Contemporary Propulsion: Influence and Evolution, Logging In and invited to take part in the Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival in 2015.
As a budding curator, Krystie was one of the finalists in the Japan Foundation’s curatorial workshop in 2014. To date, she has worked in auction house, art publisher, art gallery, art consultancy and project management company. Her experience in art management was accumulated from projects Hua Zong Literary Awards, Unpack-Repack: Archiving and Staging Ismail Hashim (1940 – 2013), Unpack-Repack: A Tribute To Ismail Hashim (1940 – 2013), Narratives in Malaysian Art, Art In The Park etc.. Besides, she is also a founding member for Ongoing Projects, an artist collective dealing with alternative art space and opportunity for young and emerging artists.

Project Manager


See Yee Wen graduated from Dasein Academy of Art and becoming a member of Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space in 2008. She involves mainly in project production and coordination in the team, outreach project initiatives to local community. She also collects oral history and seeking documentation in various community projects. She participated in art festivals and community projects such as Bangun – The Abandoned Project, Penang Clan Jetty Art Festival, Pudu Community Project, Bukit China Community Art Project and Petaling Street Community Art Project. In 2012, she was an intern for Berlin based artist – Astrid Köppe. She also represented Lostgens’ in Busan Biennale 2012 and joined Hong Kong Woofer Ten Artist in Residency Programme in 2013.

Project Coordinator


Hoi-Ling Sim is interested in self-sustainable living method, community and culture of different places. By chance, she got involved in a House Relief Building Project for one month to rebuild houses for the flood-affected villagers. Then she discovered a natural building internship programme and went to learn building basics using natural materials in the same time to have interaction with the locals, got to know the similarities and differences between culture of people. While gaining experience in community works, she is also keen in self expressing and identity through the practice of video and photography along the path she has passed by.



Chocolate Lim, born 1991, made in Malaysia. He is completing his study in Fine Art in M.I.A (Missing in Act.. no! Malaysia Institute of Art), currently serving his internship programme at Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space. Interested in all kind of art forms, he learnt it all (painting, sculpture, comic, photography, music, martial art, dancing etc.) He lives with a daughter now in Kuala Lumpur, taking part in the technical team for TATF.

Technician Support


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