TransActions in the Field~ challenging the role of citizen participation through participatory public art took place from November 14th to November 26th 2015 in Malaysia. The 12-day residential programme served as a place of co-creation and co-intelligence for experienced and newcomer creative practitioners in the interface between art and society to develop and share skills and experiences. The master class provided the participants with theory and discourse. It offered space for interventions, performances and real-life actions. The class was partly delivered with methods of Art of Hosting.

TransActions in the Field hosted 22 participants from  10 Asian countries and Germany.

Alecia Neo Singapore
Alex Lee Malaysia
Alice Ko, Nien-Pu Taiwan
Bhumin Dhanaketpisarn Thailand
Caique Tizzi Germany
Chen Guan Jhang Taiwan
Dijuwadi Indonesia
Elaine Ho Wing-Ah China/ USA
Haymann Oo Myanmar
Jakob Bartnik Germany
Lawai Ului Jok Malaysia
Lee Cheah Ni Malaysia
Lee Chun Fung Hong Kong
Lim Paik Yin Malaysia
Manila Bartnik Germany
Misako Ichimura Japan
Okui Lala Malaysia
Renan Laruan Philippines
Rika Aki Japan
Tey Beng Tze Malaysia
Zikri Rahman Malaysia
Zulu Kageyama Japan


The master class was hosted by Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space and developed in collaboration and conversation with German artist Susanne Bosch, Yeoh Lian Heng, the Goethe-Institut Malaysia, researcher Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio from Spain and many others.



In cooperation with 


In partnership with

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With support from

Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund


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